Mission Guide Booklet Design 
I had the opportunity to design a book written by Dr. Rick Blackwood, which aimed to spread the message of the gospel globally. The book had a unique "Mission Space" theme that effectively reinforced the mission that each one of us can undertake to share the good news of the Gospel.

During our meeting, Dr. Blackwood discussed the theme and highlighted some significant world events, including John F. Kennedy's call to NASA to "lead the world in space exploration." He also emphasized how Christians have a clear mission of leading others to Christ.

The booklet needed to convey the Church's brand while also having its own distinct identity. To achieve this, I utilized fonts and colors from the CF Brand and incorporated silver and space-themed graphics to create a Mission Control room aesthetic.

It was a privilege to collaborate with Dr. Blackwood on this project.

Click below to see the digital book:
Here is the booklet, page by page:

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