Charlotte Donn, APR
Chief Marketing Officer at Vizcaya Museum and Gardens
Milenka is an incredible leader, designer, and creative developer I've ever worked with. I'm so proud of her and the way she inspires her team and all around her. Her honesty, fairness and compassion are some of her most important assets to getting the best of our herself and her teammates.
Ben Stapley
Conference Speaker  | Church Consultant  | University Professor | Executive Pastor 
I had the privilege of supervising Milenka Torres for three years at Christ Fellowship as I was the Experience Director. A number of her incredible attributes are listed below. But this list is not exhaustive.

Creativity - Milenka is one of the most creatively gifted staff members I have overseen over the past twenty years. She makes it pour during brainstorming sessions.
Leadership - Milenka is individually gifted as a creative but she is also about to lead a team of talented artist to bring out their best, stay under budget, and hit deadlines.
Strategic Thinker - Milenka is able to see where organizations need to go and then plans the route accordingly. She has the gift of seeing around corners.
Problem Solver - Milenka relishes troubleshooting. For the organization, herself and her team. Problems get solved when she addresses them.
Empathy & Compassion - Milenka has the needed soft touch skills to not only get the best FROM her staff but provide the best FOR them.

Milenka would be an asset to any institution. I heartedly recommend her for your employment opening. If I could hire her, I would.
Rick Blackwood, D.Min, PhD, DD
Christ Fellowship, Teaching Pastor
Wheaton Graduate School, Adjunct Instructor 
Milenka was hired with the primary objective of reviving a struggling creative team, and she completely transformed the entire team! Once she assumed the position, she summarily began to build a team of 11 creatives that became solid, healthy, and productive. 
During her time at CF, our creative team thrived and provided on-time creative support to various organizations.  Each week, she guided her creative team to collaborate closely with my teaching team to provide visuals that super-enhanced the sermon experience. I would provide Milenka with the major proposition and expanded details of the message, and she and her team would over-deliver every time! 
Her team also organized huge events such as Easter and Christmas, and Milenka spearheaded all of them, from outside marketing to the whole service experience, in English and Spanish. It was a complex task, with crowds ranging from 10,000 on normal weekends and up to 20,000 on special days. 
For years, I saw her pouring into her team so they could stay focused on the mission of the organization: To help people follow Jesus.
She inspired her team members in their professional growth by encouraging them to try out new creative trends and develop their skills.
Her organizational skills are difficult to find. She worked with our weekend experience team to organize events like Vision Weekends, Capital Campaigns, and Ministry Rallies.
She managed all the creative budgets and ensured we did not exceed them.
She played a significant role in supporting the opening of our new CF Doral Campus and the relaunch of the CF Homestead Campus.
I could give more examples of her stellar leadership skills, but what was so valuable to me was how easy it was to collaborate with her on life-changing missions. 
Milenka’s attitude was always positive and inspiring. She is a true joy to work with, and she will be an asset for any organization. 
Jim Tomberlin
Founder of MultiSite Solutions | Multisite, Merger & Succession Specialist at The Unstuck Group
As the interim Chief of Staff at Christ Fellowship Miami for four years I had the opportunity to work with and observe Milenka Torres closely as the Creative Director.

Milenka is the kind of person every church needs and dreams to have in this position. She was masterful at balancing the needs of platform communicators, time and budget constraints, and the temperaments of artists. She came to every weekly planning meeting with a can-do, positive attitude, fresh ideas, and enthusiasm.

Milenka is not only a talented and creative person, but she also builds healthy teams. She was an advocate for her team but could also have hard conversations with them when necessary.

As a life-giving, others-oriented, caring person, she truly listens and endears herself to her team, peers, and supervisors. It was a joy to work with her. 

Of all the Creative Directors I have worked with, over 40 years of serving churches, Milenka Torres was the best and the most fun!

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